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Human Health Care Management System

The twentieth century has witnessed a remarkable growth in the preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative technologies shown to be efficacious in preventing and treating disease and injury and healthcare services has drawn risks and opportunities beyond its prevailing boundaries. Management of health care services, thus become increasingly complex and dynamic as the scientific basis of health care has grown enormously. Complexity also arises from the lack of such complexity management in healthcare sector

Next to complexity medical errors are now a serious threat to patient safety. Each hour of each day, patients and clinicians are affected by near medical errors and the consequences of adverse events. The effects of health care errors and poor-quality health care have impacted all our lives—sometimes directly, at other times indirectly.

The various issues and factors come together to define the complexity and scope of patient safety and quality care create change within health care systems and processes of care.

Human Health Care Management System is one such standard developed to provide requirements to healthcare organizations and other healthcare facilities that can synergistically improve the quality environment of the healthcare sectors by addressing complexity and scope of patient safety.

HHCM Certification - Benefits
  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Easily integrates with existing management systems such as ISO 9001, Green and Clean Hospital Management Systems
  • Increased productivity of physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Eliminates medical errors and other human errors
  • Enables cost effective clinical operations and thereby reduces cost of treatment
  • Improves patient care and satisfaction
  • Increases brand security through audit trails
  • Maintains regulatory compliance
  • Reduces the risk of professional damage
  • Enhances collaboration with other major players and government.

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