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ISO 28000 Certification | Security and resilience — Security management systems — Requirements

Many organizations are experiencing growing uncertainty and instability in the security of business processes, including supply. As a result, they face problems affecting the achievement of their business goals. Systematic approach to solving such problems can be offered by appropriate management systems. Security management directly contributes to business development and increase trust in the organization.

ISO 28000:2022 specifies requirements for a security management system, including aspects that are critical to the security of the supply chain. It requires the organization to:

  • Assess the security environment in which it operates, including the supply chain with its dependencies and interdependencies
  • Identify adequate security measures to manage effectively the security risks
  • Manage compliance with the legal, regulatory and voluntary obligations for which the organization has given its consent
  • Align security processes and controls, including those related to supply chains, to achieve the organization's goals

Security management is related to many aspects of business management. They include all activities controlled or influenced by organizations, including but not limited to those that affect the supply chain. With regard to the supply chain, their dynamic nature must be taken into account. Therefore, some organizations operating multiple supply chains may require their suppliers to meet relevant security standards as a condition for inclusion in that supply chain.

The standard increases the level of security of the entire supply chain of goods, vehicles and transport infrastructure from potential threats of theft, smuggling, terrorism. ISO 28000:2022 is applicable to all organizations, from small to multinational, such as product manufacturers, distributors, freight forwarders, customs brokers, trade intermediaries, carriers (rail, road, air, sea, river), container terminal operators, logistics centres, etc. who want to create, implement, maintain and improve a security management system. The standard provides a holistic approach and is not industry or sector specific.

The implementation and certification according to the ISO 28000 standard guarantees that the supply chain in the organization operates in a safe environment, and demonstrates evidence of the level of security to all stakeholders, including potential customers.

ISO 28000 Certification - Benefits
  • The most important advantage of ISO 28000 is the control and reduction of risks and threats to the supply chain
  • Minimization of security incidents and hence reduction of the amount of damage
  • Reducing the mistakes made by the staff of the organization by raising the level of awareness and security Training
  • Use of new approaches to supply chain security management
  • Optimizing costs to maintain the required level of security of the supply chain (or part of it)
  • Improving the organization's reputation as a reliable market partner for the goods and services offered
  • Close liaison with security stakeholders, including the awareness of contractors and suppliers.

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