Find out what our clients are saying about their ISO experience with Gabriel Registrar.

  • Since being awarded certification, GABRIEL REGISTRAR have continued to impress me with their customer service and support.

    Contact Name: Mr. D'harambure Thibault

    Designation: QHSE Manager

    From our initial communication with GABRIEL REGISTRAR, there was a sense of friendly, personal contact and we feel that we know our representatives.

    Contact Name: Mr. Jestin Joseph

    Designation: QHSE Manager

    We were impressed with the testimonials given by GABRIEL REGISTRAR's customers, and the high profile companies they've worked with.

    Contact Name: Mr. Suraj

    Designation: QHSE Manager

    GABRIEL REIGISTRAR were able to offer us DAC and UAF accredited certification both in one process. We are happy to receive two certification.

    Contact Name: Ronnie Calma

    Designation: Supply Chain Manager

  • GABRIEL REIGISTRAR were recommended to us, have an excellent track record and were prompt and professional.

    Contact Name: Mr. Kashif

    Designation: Quality Manager

    Implementing ISO 9001 was much easier than we expected, and as a result of having the management system we feel we are much better off as a company.

    Contact Name: Yasser Mabrouk

    Designation: General Manager

    The initial process was relatively straightforward, with clear information about expectations and explanation of the process.

    Contact Name: Siva Kumar


    We needed this certification in order to maintain an important customer. Also, it has given us a good image within the industry.

    Contact Name: Marco

    Designation: General Manager